Club Repairs

Grip Installation

You think just a simple procedure but there are some particulars to re-gripping your clubs. Golf Traders' Club Technicians are skilled in removing and installing golf club grips, and making sure you have the correct size grip.

Shaft Installation, Adjustment & Removal

Golf Traders has the tools and materials to professionaly replace, install or remove any graphite or steel golf club shaft.

Bore Through Shaft Install

Bore-through clubs require a different shaft installation process. Golf Traders' Club Technicians are trained experts at installing bore-through shafts. It takes a lot of experience to have the correct technique.

Remove Shaft

If your shaft is broken or doesn’t fit your swing, you can have it removed by a Golf Traders' Club Technician. We have the tools to remove graphite or steel shafts without damaging the other components of your golf club.

Lengthen Shaft

If your club is too short, Golf Traders’ Club Technicians have the tools necessary to add an extension to your current shaft so that it better fits your game.

Shorten Shaft

If your club is too long, have your shaft shortened by a Golf Traders' Club Technician. Shaft shortening is also available for putters.

Loft & Lie Adjustments

Loft & Lie adjustment involves the use of specially designed equipment and a great deal of experience. Golf Traders' Club Technicians use methods and procedures to bend golf clubs. They have the knowledge and experience to meet your individual loft and lie specifications. We can adjust the loft and lie angles in forged irons and wedges only.

Additional Repair Services

Replace Ferrule

Many club heads require a ferrule, or plastic trim piece that provides a transition from the hosel of the club head to the shaft. Golf Traders’ Club Technicians can replace a broken or worn ferrule. Golf Traders also installs new ferrules on all their Premium clubs.

Re-epoxy Head

If your club head is loose or has become unattached from the shaft, don’t go buy a new club. Golf Traders’ Club Technicians can install the head correctly and re-epoxy the head so it is returned to a like-new state!

Remove Rattle

Small components can come loose inside your golf clubs, causing an annoying rattle that may distract you from your game  You can have that rattle removed at Golf Traders’ in no time.